Near perfect conditions for Northland Surfing Event 2 – 2018

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Near perfect conditions greeted surfers for the 2nd event of the Northland Scholastics Surfing Series. The event was held at Sandy Bay on Thursday 5th April and clean 1.0-1.5m waves broke all day with clean offshore winds and perfect tides.

Across all the age divisions judges and spectators were pleased to see high performance surfing, especially in the Under 16 and Under 18 Boys Divisions.

The older boys showed progressive surfing too with Max Brunker, Tom Norton and Tom Robinson all completing air reverse manoeuvres during their heats.

Please see below Official Results : NSSS2 – Sandy Bay 2018

U14 Girls

1st Sky Gundry (KKHS) 8.4

2nd Trinity Smith (ROD) 6.8

3rd Pipi Johnson Phillips (KKHS) 6.1

4th Arlia Gray (WGHS) Inj


U16 Girls

1st Ely Backhouse (BBC) 12.7

2nd Kayla Carter (BBC) 6.7

3rd Brydie Harrison (KTA) 4.4

4th Laura Lamauric (KTA) 1.0


U18 Girls

1st Grace Pevats (WGHS) 6.2


U14 Boys

1st Tama Kauwhata (COR) 14.0

2nd Tai Erceg-Gray (WBHS) 8.8

3rd Ben Moretti (COR) 7.8

4th Ari D’Anvers (WBHS) 4.0


U16 Boys

1st Tom Robinson (WBHS) 11.7

2nd Taj Broughton (KTA) 7.7

3rd Oscar Harper (WBHS) 6.6

4th Thomas Charlesworth (POMP) 5.0


U18 Boys

1st Max Brunker (WBHS) 12.5

2nd Tom Norton (BBC) 10.2

3rd Max Thomas (WBHS) 5.3

4th Ben Springford (WBHS) 3.7



1st Billy Wheelan (ROD) 11.4

2nd Ben Moretti (COR) 9.0

3rd Corey Vercoe (ROD) 7.4

4th Lochie Espiner (WBHS) 6.0


Please see photos attached courtesy of Wayne Harrison (Kaitaia College)

Third and final event on Thursday 17th May. Venue TBC

Oscar Harper
Oscar Harper
U14 Boys (L-R) Ben Morretti, Tama TeKauwhata, Tai Erceg-Grey, Ari D-Anvers
U14 Boys (L-R) Ben Morretti, Tama TeKauwhata, Tai Erceg-Grey, Ari D-Anvers
Thomas Robinson
Thomas Robinson
U16 Girls (L-R) Grace Pevats (U18), Ely Blackhouse, Kayla Carter, Laura Lamauric, Brydie Harrison
U16 Girls (L-R) Grace Pevats (U18), Ely Blackhouse, Kayla Carter, Laura Lamauric, Brydie Harrison
U16 Boys (L-R) Thomas Charlesworth, Thomas Robinson, Taj Broughton, Oscar Harper
U16 Boys (L-R) Thomas Charlesworth, Thomas Robinson, Taj Broughton, Oscar Harper

Final event of 2016 Northland Series goes off in pumping surf in the Far North

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On Friday 17th June over 50 high school aged surfers from across Northland converged on the famed points of Ahipara to compete in the 3rd and final event of the 2016 Northland Scholastics Surfing Series. Clean 1.0-1.5m waves fanned by offshore winds provided the perfect canvas for the event
Early in the day the Under 14 Girls surfed in Shipwreck Bay across the high tide. All of the girls enjoyed nice shoulder height waves and it was very closely contested between Ely Backhouse (Bream Bay College)  and Kayla Carter (Bream Bay College)  with Backhouse taking the win.
Also the first round of U14 Boys was held Shipwreck Bay while event organisers waited for the tide to drop so they could get around Tauroa Point. Once the tide allowed the event was relocated to Mukerau Beach which offered clean peeling head height waves that got faster and more critical as the tide dropped. Event organisers ran all of the remaining heats then took a break across the low tide to let the water fill in before running the finals in pumping overhead conditions.
Kalani Hansen

Kalani Hansen – Kaitaia College
First up U16 girls followed by U18 girls and our two current champs Grace Pevats (WGHS) and Billie Scott (WGHS)  who have yet to be beaten showed their fellow competitors just why.  Both picked off the bigger waves and built good totals which proved too much to pull back.  Pevats attacking a bomb wave and finishing off with a big reo floater to stamp her authority in the U16s and Scott showing down the line speed and style to stay in front in the U18s.
In the U14 Boys Final there was .35 points separating first and second place. Whangarei surfer Billy Gilbert (WBHS) placed third in the final.  Oscar Harper (WBHS) and local shredder Taj Broughton (Kaitaia College) battled hard in the final. Both surfers have contrasting styles with Harper all power and flow on his forehand and Broughton attacking and owning every wave on his backhand. In the end it was Harper who took out the division.
Oscar Harper
The U16 Boys Divisions was dominated by  Tom Norton (Bream Bay College) , Max Brunker (WBHS) and Joseph Critchfield (Rodney College) with all surfers winning their early heats convincingly.  In the Final Norton stayed on the inside/wider and caught a handful of runners while the other surfers got into a paddle battle and took each other too deep to catch the good waves without realising what Norton was doing. Critchfield woke up with about 6 minutes to go to collect a couple of good waves and pull clear of the other two but couldn’t pull Norton back. Norton surfed well to deserve the win and  turned tables on Nubby Critchfield who had beaten him in the earlier rounds
The U18 boys Final saw two locals Kalani Hansen (Kaitaia College)  and Callum Mekkelholt (Kaitaia College)  turn up the heat on the others. In the end it was the aggressive backhand surfing of Hansen that came out on top of Mekkelholt smooth style.  Hansen left no doubt that this was this home break.
See below Official Results – NSSS3 – 17th June 2016 @  Ahipara:
Under 14 Girls  – 1st  Ely Backhouse (Bream Bay College)     2nd Kayla Carter (Bream Bay College      3rd Leia Weeds (Kerikeri High School)    4th  Mia Skinner
Under 14 Boys  – 1st Oscar Harper (WBHS) 2nd Taj Broughton (Kaitaia College) 3rd  Billy Gilbert (WBHS)   4th Cruz Losike
Under 16 Girls  – 1st  Grace Pevats (WGHS)  2nd Nyena Weeds (Kerikeri High School)    3rd  Larissa Mar
Under 16 Boys  – 1st Tom Norton (Bream Bay College)   2nd  Joseph Critchfield (Rodney College)    3rd Max Brunker (WBHS)  4th  Jacob Hayes (WBHS)
Under 18 Girls  – 1st   Billie Scott (WGHS)      2nd Portia Olney-Kemp  (WGHS)
Under 18 Boys – 1st  Kalani Hansen (Kaitaia College)     2nd Callum Mekkelholt (Kaitaia College)      3rd Quinn Bedford (Rodney College)     4th Liam Taylor Rodney College)
At the conclusion the 2016 Series Champions for each division were announced. See below:
Overall Series Champions – 2016 Northland Scholastics Surfing Series:
Under 14 Girls  – Leia Weeds (Kerikeri High School)
Under 14 Boys – Oscar Harper (WBHS)
Under 16 Girls – Grace Pevats ( WGHS)
Under 16 Boys – Joseph Critchfield (Rodney College)
Under 18 Girls – Billie Scott (WGHS)
Under 18 Boys  – Kalani Hansen ( Kaitaia College)
Taj Broughton - Kaitaia College

Taj Broughton – Kaitaia College
Please see attached PHOTOS – PLEASE CREDIT – Jamie Scott.
A massive thanks to the Local Ahipara surfing community for their support of this event, and all of the schools for their continued involvement in the Northland Scholastics Surfing Series.
Selectors are looking to name a wider squad of surfers that will be reduced to 12 surfers that will compete in the 2016 Surfing New Zealand National Scholastics Surfing Championships being held in Gisborne in October.
For more information about the NSA or this event, or how you can get involved as a Sponsor of the team, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

2016 Northand Surfing Series kicks off in good conditions at Sandy Bay.

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2016 Northand Surfing Series kicks off in good conditions at Sandy Bay

Clean 1.0m waves were on offer for contestants at the first event of the 2016 Northland Scholastics Surfing Series event held at Sandy Bay on Friday 19th February 2016.  The event hosted over 70 entries from schools across Northland and there were seven separate divisions contested throughout the day. Due to the large entry field contest organisers split the event into two arenas. It was a massive day of competition with over 12 hrs of surfing completed.

Please see below confirmed results.

Official Results – NSSS1 @ Sandy Bay – 19th February 2016: 

U14 Girls Division:Leia Weeds ( Kerikeri High School) 2nd Kayla Carter (Bream Bay College) 3rd Summer Babe-Vercoe (Bream Bay College) 4th Olivia Whitehead ( Bream Bay College)

U14 Boys Division:1st Oscar Harper 2nd Cory Vercoe (Rodney College) 3rd Jacob Buckle (Huanui College) 4th Billy Gilbert (WBHS) *Wild Card Thomas Robinson

U16 Girls Division:1st Grace Pevats (WGHS) 2nd Nyena Weeds (Kerikeri High School) 3rd Ceili Lea ( Bream Bay College) 4th Macey Polwart ( WGHS)

U16 Boys Division:1st Joseph Critchfield (Rodney College) 2nd Max Brunker (WBHS) 3rd Tom Norton ( Bream Bay College) 4th Daniel Adams-Robson (WBHS) 

U18 Girls Division:1st Billie Scott (WGHS) 2nd Portia Olney-Kemp (WGHS) 3rd Julia Moyle ( Kerikeri High School)

U18 Boys Division:1st Kalani Hansen (Kaitaia College) 2nd Quinn Bedford ( Rodney College) 3rd Callum Mekkelholt (Kaitaia College) 4th Jesse Matthews (Pompallier Catholic College)

Longboard Division:1st Bassy Waldron (Rodney College) 2nd Callum Mekkelholt (Kaitaia College) 3rd Kyle Levell (Bream Bay College)

A huge thanks to the Northcoast Board Riders and Sport Northland for supporting the event.  The 2nd event of the NSSS will take place on Friday 13th May. More details here :

Please see attached PHOTOS – Please credit – TONY BAKER (line up shots) JASON RUDDELL (surfing shots)

kalani Hansen Tom Norton Max Brunker Northland Surfing Association Thomas Robinson Kalani Hansen Tom Norton

Backhand surfing sets Robinson apart

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Whangarei surfer Tom Robinson has claimed his first win at national level.

Joining Mount Maunganui Girls Division surfer Georgia Wederall on the podium, Robinson was victorious in the Boys Division of the Sticky Johnson Primary School Championships in Gisborne.

With a solid 1.0m swell and light onshore winds at Makorori Beach, Robinson was the lone goofy-foot surfer in the final but used that to his advantage, setting himself apart from his opponents with some exceptional backhand surfing in the final and in the earlier round robin heats……. Full article here.

Thomas Robinson
NATIONAL SUCCESS: Whangarei’s Tom Robinson carved his way to first at the recent Primary School Championships held in Gisborne.PHOTO/CORY SCOTT@NZ SURFING MAGAZINE



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The Northland Surfing Association is holding there AGM on the 24th of July at 6pm at Sport Northland, 193 Western Hills Drive, Whangarei.

Nominations of Officers for the Roles can be received by email to the secretary prior to the AGM 

 Officers Roles are : 


Vice President



Committee (minimum of 5 on committee) 

email – for a copy of the agenda.


Final series event for 2015 completed in pumping conditions.

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Final series event for 2015 completed in pumping conditions.

Tom Norton. Image courtesy of Jason Ruddell
Tom Norton (Bream Bay College) – Pic. Jason Ruddell

Northland Secondary School surfers converged on the fabled points of Ahipara to contest the final event of the 2015 Scholastics Series. Competitors were greeted with pumping 1 – 2 metre lines peeling down the points that continued to break through out the day. Due to the size of the draw and the tide factor the organizer’s split the event into two podiums with U14 Boy’s and Girls, U16 Girls & the U18 Girls contesting the Pines line up while the U16 & U18 boys moved to the outside break of Bluehouse.

Billie Scott - Image courtesy of Tribal Surfboards
Billie Scott (WGHS) – Pic. Tribal Surfboards

The girl’s draw saw a reduced field from the previous 2 events and meant a straight combined final was run. It was evident that the girls who were there deserved to take the top placing’s, showing that consistent performances throughout the series lead to good results and valuable competition experience in light of competing at the upcoming national level events over the 2015/2016 season. All girls in attendance – Grace Pevats WGHS (U14’s), Kate Moyle KKHS (U14’s), Billie Scott WGHS (U16’s) and Emily Brunker WGHS (U18’s) showed they were capable and deserved standouts of the girls junior surfing scene in Northland.

Max Brunker - Pic Jamie Scott
Max Brunker (WBHS) – Pic. Tribal Surfboards

In the U14 boy’s division Oscar Harper (WBHS),  Max Brunker (WBHS) and Thomas Robinson (Wildcard) showed good form on the shallow reef break at Pines. Harper took the chance to show off his skills linking turns and high speed snaps with flair. Wildcard, Robinson showed no fear attacking sections over shallow reef with confidence and style once again showing he is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future. In the final it was Brunker with his stylish backhand attack that dominated the heat and took the win with a 9 point ride in the final demonstrating his class and experience.

In the larger U16 boy’s division Tom Norton (Bream Bay College), Joseph Critchfield (Rodney College) and Kalani Hansen (Kaitaia College) were all early round stand out’s with local boy Hansen in particular showing his experience over the shallow reef break and a willingness to attack any section that came his way. However it was Critchfield in the dying minutes of the final that snagged a set wave and proceeded to unleash a series of smooth backhand carves finishing with a strong closeout maneuver on the shallow inside section to take the win.

Kalani Hansen - Pic. Jason Ruddell
Kalani Hansen (Kaitaia College) – Pic. Jason Ruddell

In the U18 boy’s division Kohl Mase (Pompallier College), Matt Jensen (Bream Bay College) and Callum Robertson-Barnes (Kerikeri College) impressed in the early rounds however it was local boy Sergio Hansen (Kaitaia College)who found his form in the final and used his local knowledge of the break in deteriorating wind affected conditions to take the win.

Full Results.

U14 Girls 

1st – Grace Pevats (WGHS), 2nd – Kate Moyle (Kerikeri High School)             

U14 Boys

1st – Max Brunker (WBHS), 2nd – Oscar Harper (WBHS), 3rd – Jack Bennet (Rodney College), 4th – Bassy Waldron (Rodney College)       

U16 Girls

1st – Billie Scott (WGHS)                 

U16 Boys

1st – Joseph Critchfield (Rodney College), 2nd – Luca Mase  (Pompallier College), 3rd – Kalani Hansen (Kaitaia College), 4th – Tom Norton (Bream Bay College)

 U18 Boys

1st – Sergio Hansen (Kaitaia College), 2nd – Kohl Mase (Pompallier College), 3rd – Sam Nemeroff (Kaitaia College), 4th – Callum Robertson-Barnes (Kerikeri High School)

Joseph Critchfield - Pic. Jason Ruddell
Joseph Critchfield (Rodney College) – Pic. Jason Ruddell

With the final event of the series completed, overall ratings were also cemented in place. The results from all 3 series events were tallied and the winners presented with custom handmade trophies sponsored by local ‘surf’ businesses from the Northland region. A big thank you to Mark Vercoe for the design and crafting of the trophies and the Tech Department from Whangarei Boys High for the logo imprint on these awesome pieces of art.

Overall Series Winners 

Surfline Custom Surfboards U14 Girls Series Winner – Grace Pevats (WGHS)

Tribal Surfboards U14 Boys Series Winner – Max Brunker (WBHS)

Y.H.P.J Accountants U16 Girls Series Winner – Billie Scott (WGHS)

Megasurf U16 Boys Series Winner – Tom Norton (Bream Bay College)

The Surflab U18 Girls Series Winner – Emily Brunker (WGHS)

Tutukaka Surf U18 Boys Series Winner – Matt Jensen (Bream Bay College)

Series Winners (L-R) Billie Scott, Emily Brunker, Matt Jensen, Max Brunker, Tom Norton, Grace Pevats
Series Winners (L-R) Billie Scott, Emily Brunker, Matt Jensen, Max Brunker, Tom Norton, Grace Pevats. – Pic Jason Ruddell

With the regional series now wrapped up the Northland Selectors will name 12 person team with 1 travelling reserve to compete at the 2015 National Scholastic Championships – 28 Sept – 2 Oct in Gisborne. The team will undertake a series of training camps in their preparation to head south and compete against the top junior surfers from throughout NZ.

The Northland Surfing Association is seeking any sponsorship opportunities to support the 2015 Northland Surfing Team on their Nationals campaign.


President – NSA – Jason Ruddell  021288834
Contest Director – Tony Baker 021907066

Northland enjoy great conditions for 2nd event of 2015 Series

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Callum Robertson-Barnes Image Courtesy of Tony Baker
Callum Robertson-Barnes Image Courtesy of Tony Baker

Northland Secondary School aged surfers enjoyed great conditions at Sandy Bay for the 2nd event of the 2015 Northland Scholastics Surfing Series event held on Friday 8th May 2015.

Clean 1.0-1.5m waves broke all day with light winds and favourable tides making for great contest waves at the iconic venue of Sandy Bay. Due to the large field of entries Event Organisers decided to run two separate arenas to get through the scheduled 10 hours plus of surfing.

In the Under 14 Boys there was some excellent surfing and in the final and there were some strong exchanges between Max Brunker (WBHS) and his younger counterpart Thomas Robinson (Wild Card). However, it was Brunker’s turn to shine and claim his first ever Northland Scholastics win on home turf. Brunker’s smooth style was impressive all day and the judges rewarded him for his efforts.

With a 16 strong draw in the Under 16 Boys, the competition was good from the get go. Stand out surfers in the first rounds included Jacob Hayes (WBHS) Luca Mase (Pompallier) and Josh Adams-Robson (WBHS). The final featured former WBHS surfer Jamahl Moselen (Raglan Area School) go head to head with NSSS1 winner Tom Norton (Bream Bay College) along with Joseph Critchfield (Rodney College) and Kalani Hansen (Kaitaia College). Hansen dominated his semi-final but struggled to find decent waves in final placing fourth. Critchfield also dominated his earlier heats and was leading the final until the dying minutes when Norton and Moselen exchanged waves. In the end it was Jamahl Moselen who took the victory.

The Under 18 Boys was also hotly contested and early round stand-outs included Jamie Ploughman (WBHS) along with  Harry Bergman (KKHS) and good friend Callum Roberston-Barnes who all put on an impressive display of surfing.  Dylan Cook (WBHS) also put on a solid performance claiming a last minute win in his semi-final to feature in his first final this year. It was a slow final with all surfers struggling to find good scoring opportunities. Sergio Hansen (Kaitaia College) also was impressive, but in the end Matt Jensen (Bream Bay College) put on a powerful display to claim his first ever victory at a Northland event and in doing so moving him into pole position on the series ratings.

The Girls Divisions continued to show excellent form and Northland is fortunate to have a number of top and aspiring young female athletes coming up through the ranks.

In the Under 14 Girls Grace Pevats (WGHS) continued her dominance in the division putting on a real show in the clean Sandy Bay waves. Hot on her heels was Nicole Robinson (WGHS) and Kate Moyle ( Kerikeri HS). The division also saw the new face of Nikki Ross (Okaihau College) who made the trip all the way from Waimamaku Beach in the Hokianga.

Meg Robinson (WGHS) and Portia Olner-Kemp( WGHS) continued their good form both impressing in the semi-finals of the Under 16 Girls. However, it was the dominant and in form Billie Scott (WGHS) who took top honours in the division ahead of Olner-Kemp in the Final. Nyeena Weeds (Kerikeri HS) also put on a strong performance placing 3rd.

Emily Brunker (WGHS) was the sole competitor in the Under 18 Girls Division and enjoyed surfing alongside the Under 16 Girls Finals. Brunker was a Northland Team Member in 2014 and put on another strong performance.

Please see below official results from the event:

Results – NSSS2 @ Sandy Bay

Under 14 Boys    1st Max Brunker (WBHS) 2nd Thomas Robinson (WC) 3rd Tom Parker (Huanui College)  4th Bassy Waldron (Rodney College)
Under 16 Boys     1st Jamahl Moselen (RAS) 2nd Tom Norton (Bream Bay College) 3rd Joseph Critchfield (Rodney College) 4th Kalani Hansen (Kaitaia College)
Under 18 Boys      1st Matt Jensen (Bream Bay College) 2nd Kohl Mase (Pompallier ) 3rd Sergio Hansen (Kaitaia College) 4th Dylan Cooke (WBHS)
Under 14 Girls  1st Grace Pevats (WGHS) 2nd Nicole Robinson (WGHS) 3rd Kate Moyle (Kerikeri HS)  4th Natalie Newbold (WGHS) 5th Nikki Ross (Okaihau College)
Under 16 Girls      1st Billie Scott (WGHS) 2nd Portia Olner-Kemp (WGHS) 3rd Nyeena Weeds (Kerikeri HS) 4th Meg Robinson (WGHS)
Under 18 Girls         1st Emily Brunker (WGHS)

A huge thanks to Ocean Beach and North Coast Board Riders for their support of this event as well as all of the surfers from schools across Tai Tokerau.

The 3rd and final event of the 2015 Northland Scholastics Surfing Series is set for 26th June in the Far North. From here the Northland Surfing association will select a team to represent the region at the 2015 Surfing New Zealand National Scholastics Championships to be held in Gisborne 28th September – 2nd October.

The Northland Surfing Association is seeking any sponsorship opportunities to support the 2015 Northland Surfing Team on their Nationals campaign.


President – NSA – Jason Ruddell  021288834
Contest Director – Tony Baker 021907066

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Northland surfers form new body

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A new administrative body has been formed to promote surfing amongst secondary and primary school students from Wellsford north to Kaitaia.

One of the primary aims of the newly-formed Northland Surfing Association is to support young Northland surfers to compete nationally. It will also work to develop coaching, raise funds, and support and promote coastal environmental concerns.

Vice-president Tony Baker, of Mangawhai, says the new body signifies a new direction for surfing in Northland.

“With representatives from all key clubs in the north, the coming summer season of surfing will be exciting for Northland,” he says.

Elected committee members are: President, Jason Ruddell; vice-president, Tony Baker; treasurer, Mark Pevats; secretary, Gill Vercoe; surfers representative, Billie Scott; committee – Steve Thompson, Jamie Scott, Mark Vercoe, Mal and Simon Egginton and Paul Hansen.